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CXL Institute – 10 Courses Marketing Bundle

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. Become great at sales copywriting & product messaging

Stop letting amateur copy wipe out your conversions.

Online course

CXL Institute – 10 Courses Marketing Bundle By Momoko Price, expert conversion copywriter

Course length: 5h 16min
1 How to Conduct a Copy “Teardown”
2 Introduction to Message-Mining
3 Mining Messages From Your Customers
4 Crafting Effective Unique Value Propositions
5 Message Hierarchies
6 Writing the First Draft
7 Editing & Punching Up Your Copy
8 Conversion-Focused Formatting & Layout
9 Petdoors.com Home Page Performance

2. Become great at email marketing – Jessica Best


Start getting 20x returns from email marketing

Learn how to build lists fast, what to send that works, and how to make your email marketing data-driven.

Online course:
Email marketing: basics to best-in-class

By Jessica Best, Vice President Data-Driven Marketing @ Barkley

Course length: 4h
1 Email Marketing Basics: The Good, the Bad & the WOW!
2 How to Optimize Your Email Marketing List Growth
3 Optimizing Email Marketing Copy & Design
4 Using Data to Drive Email Marketing Relevance and Results

3. Become great at neuromarketing

Increase your conversions by understanding how your customers’ brain works

Online course:
Applied Neuromarketing

By Andé Morys, CEO & Founder @ konversionsKRAFT

Course length: 2h
1 Brain fundamentals
2 Control the attention
3 Emotional resonance
4 You have only 50 ms
5 Implement core principles in your process

4. Become great at Facebook Ads

Rethink your new customer journey with Facebook advertising

Online course:
Facebook Ads

By Curt Maly, Facebook Advertising Expert @ Black Box Social Media

Course length: 6h 16min

Start building Facebook campaigns that work:

Section 1 – The B.E.L.T. Method

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to use the B.E.L.T. method to discover your new customer journey.
  • How to align your messages and objectives for your audience at the right time.
  • How to build audiences of your hottest prospects automatically.
  • How to identify your core audiences that have the highest propensity to purchase your product or service.

Section 2 – Ads & Content

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to create ad content and ad copy that resonates with your audience.
  • The simple online tools and resources you can use to source relevent content to make high-converting ads.
  • How to create easy video content that generates strong engagement at a very low cost.
  • How to use Facebook LIVE to promote your products, services, and events.

Section 3 – Facebook Strategies

In this section, you’ll learn:

  • How to test your audiences and content using an inexpensive and little known ad strategy.
  • The step-by-step strategy that is proven to drive relevance scores up, ad costs down.
  • How to leverage Facebook’s tactics for transforming ad performance and scaling across all apps, including CBO.
  • How to scale the method and strategies to take your business to the next level.

5. Become great at LinkedIn Ads

Confidently generate huge ROI from your LinkedIn Ads

Demystify the most expensive paid ad channel once & for all.

Online course

By AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads Pro / Founder @ B2Linked

Course length: 3h

6. Become great at Branding

Discover the formula to develop a brand that attracts customers effortlessly

Online course:


By Flavilla Fongang, MD/Brand Strategist @ 3 Colours Rule

Course length: 1h 25min

7. Become great at Content Strategy & SEO for lead generation

Develop a world class content marketing program

Learn to plan, execute and measure a successful B2B content strategy.

Online course

By Andy Crestodina

Course length: 6h 30m

8. Become great at Excel and Google Sheets

Find actionable marketing insights using Excel and Google Sheets

Online course:
Excel for marketers

By Fred Pike, Managing Director at Northwoods

Course length: 4h 30m

9. Become great at demand generation

Build a demand generation engine and win 10x more sales

This course will show you how you can build a predictable, scalable and repeatable lead generation machine for your company.

Online course:
Foundations of Demand Generation course

By Ramli John, Demand Generation Specialist and Founder of GrowthX.Agency

Course length: 6h 30m

10. Become great at marketing strategy

Learn how to build and execute an effective marketing strategy

Online course:
Marketing Strategy

By Lindsey Christensen, CMO @ Thoughtbot


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