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Some Positives

  • AJ JOMAH – HIGH TICKET DROPSHIP ACADEMY Targetting upper middle class & up buyers that can afford high ticket products means less returns & customer service since you make good money selling few products per month instead of thousands when selling low ticket item.
  • Premium suppliers have what is called MAP (Minimum Advertising Price), which means they do not allow any sellers to sell below a certain minimum price point, which prevents sellers from ruining the market by pricing their product for way cheap
  • 5 elements of profitable niche: Price $800 – $2500, premium supplier (MAP), 5-10 suppliers, less than 25 competitors, No Brand Loyalty
  • How to build your brand so you can potentially sell the business later on
  • Learn to utilize Google’s product listing ads

Some Challenges

  • I learned that to sell high-ticket items you have to spend a lot more for ad cost with Google product Ads per sale, so you must have good ad spend budget to play the game.
  • IMO its better to target medium priced products in the beginning so you can more easily get cash flow going and you can learn the ropes of Facebook ads, without expending several hundred dollars for 1 sale.
  • Some ads will stop working after you exhaust your audience, Facebook ads also doesn’t produce consistent results, sometimes leaving very little room for any profits because the cost per click can get so expensive at times.

What I like about the drop shipping model

  • You can sell high-ticket items without purchasing inventory like you would with Amazon FBA business.
  • Easier to scale than other eCom businesses because you buy the products to ship only after the customer pays you, so no overhead
  • you have much more control over the traffic, you can collect emails and direct them right to your own store, unlike Amazon FBA where they go to Amazon and they can check out your product but also your competitors.
  • You don’t have to deal with competition leaving you negative reviews, or doing free shipping or discount prices & other tactics that Amazon FBA sellers use to try to boost their listing.

What I don’t like about drop shipping model

  • Relying on paid ads for traffic, although you can start getting traffic, ads can fluctuate greatly in performance, and it requires constant maintenance, at least 2-4 hours per day
  • Because you’re selling physical products, your profit margins are going to be much slimmer than other online businesses that’s completely digital like generating leads or selling courses, why do you think many eCOM guys begin selling courses? Especially when you got additional cost of having to spend money on ads to get each sale
  • Without ordering bulk and having your own warehouse in the US, shipping times from overseas suppliers takes a while
  • Dealing with tough competition like established brands or Amazon.com that might have similar products at much lower prices


Ok a lot of courses are coming out now that are coaching students to sell things online using Google product listing ads.

Setting up an Ad account and creating an ad is easy enough for anyone to do, within a day you can get an ad up and start generating traffic.

Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s the major problem with relying completely on paid traffic.

First of all, Facebook or Google does not care if your ads are profitable or not. They’ll spend your entire daily budget whether you’re making sales or not.

This means, you must pay close attention on your ad performances and your sales numbers everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Just because you created a successful ad that’s converting well today, doesn’t mean it’ll convert well tomorrow.

Sometimes certain ads will stop performing and you have to create new ones.

It is a constant battle to try to keep your ROI as high as possible.

Now you’re expending all this time & money to run ads on Facebook every day, I think most people have no idea how tedious and time consuming that can be.

You can’t just set up the ad and forget about it, come back a month later and see bunch of profit.

It doesn’t quite work that way.

Whereas building your business on free traffic means, you can create content and forget about it.

And that piece of content can potentially drive customers to your business month after month, year after year without you ever touching it again.

As you build more and more content each and every day, you’re stacking upon your results & building upon your ability to attract customers to you.

If you look at the top multi-millionaire entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Dan Lok, Grant Cardone… they’re doing some paid advertising here & there, if they have some promotions or new product launch or something like that but for the most part their bread & butter is producing free content that attracts customers to them around the clock.

So even if they were to switch off their Facebook & Instagram ads, they’re still attracting customers to them everyday through all of their free traffic channels.

This is how you build real, longterm sustainable online business.

You see, with Google product ads, you’re required to spend couple hours just to maintain your ads & produce the same volume month after month. But when you have skills in generating free traffic, every hour you spend builds upon each other to perpetually increase your volume month after month.

Why do you think some of these eCom gurus constantly upload videos on Youtube?

Every day first thing I do in the morning is

  1. write a blog post
  2. make sure my team is building more local lead generation sites

Because these two activities is building my free traffic.

Its the highest income producing activity I can do.

The 20/80 rule states that 20% of your activity produces 80% of the results.

Producing content consistently is the key because each piece of content has the potential to attract customers to you over the long term.

Results may not come as quickly as running Google product ads.

But the results will be much more significant and longterm.

Its attraction marketing, because people that find your content are already seeking you out.

Whereas Google product ads is interruption marketing. You have to interrupt people from their newsfeed scrolling to try and convince them to buy. Interruption marketing is always more costly and requires more effort.


I do agree with a lot of what AJ Jomah had to teach inside 7 Figure Skills.

If you wanna get into the e-commerce business, I do believe you should stay away from selling really cheap products.

Unless you’re doing it with a partner and that person is willing to do alot of the management work required for selling large volumes.

If you’re still trying to become an entrepreneur first, its usually a solo journey. So it might be a good idea to target more higher ticket items.

However, the big challenge with AJ’s high ticket business model is you will have to spend much more in ad spend to get each sale.

When you’re a complete noob to Google product ads, it can be bit challenging.

But I do like the fact that he teaches Google ads versus Facebook ads.

Yes you can make it work, but you really need to be amazing at creating the ad and targetting has to be on point.

Can you make it work still? Absolutely but you gotta be willing to spend some money daily on ads and be patient & work hard trying many different ads or multiple products.

By the time, I started messing with eCom business I was already making multiple 6 figures online with my local lead generation business.

I was able to get sales with a few eCom products, but ultimately I went back to building my local lead gen business and this blog which is all powered by free traffic.


Google product ads take quite a bit of work every day and I find that profit margins aren’t that great in eCom (10-15% ROI), and the results aren’t consistent, which really confirmed to me why so many eCOM / Amazon FBA people go into selling courses.

e-commerce regardless of doing shopify or Amazon FBA, ultimately has a lot of competition that’s constantly lowering the price of goods sold which chips away at your profit margins, Low profit margins means you end up doing more work for less money, and you start getting burned out.

This is why I like local lead generation because not only does it run on free traffic, I got virtually no overhead and my profit margins are nearly 100%.

Because the business runs on free traffic it gives me stability as well, I have lead gen sites that’s making me $2000-$3000 per month each and I haven’t touched it in years.



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